Analyse, Design and Deliver

We are experts at helping organisations to analyse, design and deliver precisely the training and development that is actually required. We can deliver against bespoke requirements, specialist projects or we can manage entire L&D functions as your ‘outsourced partners’.

Our training courses cover three distinct learning pathways: Intrapersonal Skills, Interpersonal Skills and Technical Skills.

Outsourced L&D Managed Service.

Perfect for busy organisations with limited internal resource or those unable to justify an in-house L&D function; our managed service enables you to outsource your entire Learning & Development requirements.

More and more businesses are opting to outsource L&D management allowing them to make financial savings while keeping their commitment to developing personnel.

We can conduct a training needs analysis, interrogate the results and design a training curriculum that will deliver against all your needs while embracing your organisational culture, vision and values.

From managing your training booking requests, to facilitating leadership programmes, our managed service provision takes away the stress and hassle of managing learning internally.

On the rare occasions that Azimuth does not have the expertise for a particular course, we can utilise our strategic partnerships to source the best training from recognised experts and have that delivered for you at a commercially advantageous rate.

At Azimuth we partner with our clients and commit to get the very best from their people through a managed service that is tailored to the organisational requirements and may include:

  • Training Need Analysis (Task Analysis, Training Analysis, Training Gap Analysis and associated Risk)

  • Training design, procurement and delivery

  • Training Evaluation

  • Management of the Personal Development Review process

  • Assurance of training against ISO 9001 or Systems Approach to Training processes (such as DSAT QS)

Training Consultancy.

For organisations requiring professional consultancy, Azimuth offers a wealth of experience across multiple sectors. Whether your requirement is for a scoping study, analysis, design or assurance, we are experts in helping organisations form a clear picture of their training requirements and the systems needed to manage these. This is extremely useful for organisations and professions that carry substantial risk and require robust training systems (that meet ISO 9001 and Systems Approach to Training processes) to mitigate these.

Detailed training needs analysis is fundamental to establishing training needs against business objectives and operational requirements to ensure your organisation maintains a competitive advantage and safe working practices. Whether you need to establish training requirements or formally consider training gaps and associated risk, proper Training Needs Analysis enables you to identify these and deliver effective professional solutions.

Training Needs Analysis typically includes:

  • Task/Job Analysis
  • Training Analysis
  • Training Gap Analysis/Identifying Risk

Whether working independently or in partnership with your own experts, Azimuth consultants are adept at managing and delivering the design phase of any training programme. Our experts will work closely with all stakeholders in this process to ensure that the finished product is fit for purpose and meets the exact requirements of the organisation or activity in question. 

No matter what we train, it is critical that the content, methods and media used are always fit for purpose and develop in line with changing requirements of the organisation or activity. To do this, Azimuth consultants are experienced in detailed evaluation and assurance methods that allow you to continually develop your training provision, justify spend and assure against training gaps and associated risks to performance or safety. 

For organisations that operate within high risk occupations or environments, robust training is a significant factor in ensuring our people are suitably qualified and safe to perform the task. This is where robust training management systems can be employed to assure the organisation and outside bodies that their people are fit for purpose and any risk associated to training is as low as reasonably practicable. For such organisations, Azimuth has a wealth of experience working with high risk organisations such as the military and aviation to implement and manage training that is both transparent and assurable. 

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