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We help individuals develop their knowledge, skills and mindsets through business management courses and our expertly developed business consulting services.

We help organisations design and deliver world-class learning, we consult on insightful business strategy, we deliver outsourced learning management, and we help training managers identify high-risk events and use training to mitigate against them.

We run the world’s most comprehensive Learning Management System – built specifically for high-risk environments.

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Let’s Start Pulling in the Same Direction

Traditionally a term for navigation, the Azimuth is all about finding your direction. We chose the Azimuth as it explains exactly what we help you to do, identify and follow your new direction in learning and development.

With a passion for all things learning & development, Azimuth’s management team and consultants operate across four distinct areas; Corporate & Business Learning, Financial Services, Sport, L&D Consultancy and Outsourcing, but with a shared office space and ethos, we get the best from the whole organisation’s experience.

Our approach

Employee training and consulting that genuinely changes behaviour is at the core of everything we do.

We commit to forming genuine partnerships with our clients and truly understand what makes their organisations tick, which helps us to understand what those behaviour changes need to be.

Our training isn’t prescriptive, it shares the foundation of knowledge, skills and behaviour required for success, but is flexible to your culture so that you’re able to apply the learning in a context that’s relevant to you.

This is where getting to know you, your team and your business is crucial and enables us to create real and lasting change in knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Ultimately, we believe that you shouldn’t pay for training and consultancy that doesn’t do exactly what you require.

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