I really enjoyed this course. Spencer was really friendly and helpful. I liked the way he remembered all our names and the things we wanted to achieve.

Project Management, Lloyd’s

The Corporation of Lloyd’s invited Azimuth to participate in its internal learning week. With an inherent understanding of how little time attendees were able to leave their desks for, Azimuth sought to deliver training could be adopted quickly and have an impact that lasted long after our time with the delegates.

With this in mind, and the legacy and heritage of Lloyd’s to consider we delivered training on Creativity and Innovation in Problem Solving. This course was delivered by one of our principal consultants, James Bannerman. James lectures on Creativity and Innovation, and his book Business Genius: Deceptively simple ways to sharpen your business thinking, has been on our additional reading lists since its publication.

Our session helped learners to understand how to approach problems in the workplace and use deceptively simple tools to help them solve them or find efficient and effective workarounds all whilst preserving the heritage and brand of Lloyd’s. So useful and effective was our session, Azimuth received the highest feedback rating of any business skills course delivered for the Corporation.

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