I really enjoyed this course. Spencer was really friendly and helpful.

Project Management, Everton FC

Following an internal survey, Everton wanted to create from scratch a training curriculum that would give everybody within Everton the opportunity to learn and develop new skills. For Everton it was an obvious choice, select the partner who loves developing people as much as the family club does.

Azimuth started with the basics, using the results of the internal employee satisfaction survey to create a curriculum that delivered the most requested skills first. We then worked with Everton to help them consider a strategic approach to learning – who are we developing and why, in addition to our open courses? The has lead to us creating a Future Leaders programme that is recognised by the Institute of Leadership & Management.

Three years later, Azimuth and Everton deliver a training curriculum of open courses that are available to all employees, have a future and existing leaders programme and are being evaluated for national training awards.

In addition, we’re partnering with Everton to help develop young people in the local community via Everton in the Community’s apprenticeship programmes.

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